Prayer Points

We Pray…

  • that we will be a church full of mercy.
  • that we will be a church the Lord gives favor to in our community.
  • that our reputation is one of loving our neighbors and investing in our city.
  • that the mercy ministries to come in our south campus will meet needs and lead to Kingdom advance.
  • that God would give us a vision for the needs of our city.
  • that God would keep His hand on our pastor and staff.
  • that God will give the Campaign Team wisdom as they move forward.

Key Dates for Campaign

May 20: Campaign Announcement

August: Campaign Gatherings

September 9, 16, 23: Generations Campaign/Prayer Campaign

September 23: Pledge Day

September 30: First Fruits Offering

The question is…how can I support this great effort? The first and last answer to this question is prayer. We must seek the face of God for His leadership and wisdom. This is something larger than us, larger than any individual. We are stepping into a stream that was flowing before we came and will be going long after.

We want everyone who would like to attend a Generations Gathering to be able to attend. If you did not receive an assigned date, but would like to attend one of our gatherings, OR if you cannot attend the date you were assigned, but would like to choose another date, email to reserve a date. Also, if you are visiting Immanuel and would like to hear about the direction we are going as a church, we’d love for you to attend a gathering as well. We are looking forward to seeing you there!