May 20th was a significant Sunday in the life of our church. It was a time to think about where we have been as a church and where God is leading us. If you missed it you can watch the full service here:


or the Generations presentation here:

There was much I wanted to say about that but did not have time, so we divided it into two Sundays. The two go together so if you missed it you can watch the May 27th presentation here:


Three things I want to reinforce…


We want to create a kingdom advancing Gospel culture. By that I mean a culture that is for the Gospel, for the City, and for the World. So where do we begin? Well, first we look at what God is already doing.

Look what the Lord has done

We focused on Acts 15:28 where Luke said that, “It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us…” The question we are asking is, “What is God up to at Immanuel?” Where can we say, “Look what the Lord has done.” There is a gravitational pull to the work of God. We want to be in on it.

It seems clear enough that God is giving us a heart for the city and for the next generations. A heart for the city is manifested in all that God is doing in the city, and with the significant increase in young adults and preschool. We are prepared for the adults, but not the preschool. We need to make a way for what God is doing. This is what is leading us to our Generations Campaign to pray and raise funds for the renovation of our Kroger facility and the expansion of our preschool facility.


We know what we want to do. And how we want to do it is also embedded right there in Nehemiah. Nehemiah knew God was leading him to build the wall, but he also knew how God was leading him to do it: with all the generations together.

Our campaign to pray and raise the funds for this project is called our Generations Campaign. Generations for the Gospel, generations for the city, and generations for the world.

In the days ahead you will be invited to a Generations Gathering. A time to reflect, think, and ask questions about our participation in this monumental effort.

This is a monumental task. No doubt. The bigger task is the fulfillment of the vision God has given us. Great days are ahead for Immanuel.

I’m thrilled that God has called us to this great work together!

Steven Smith

BTW: Special thanks to the choir and musicians for creating such a great energy that day. It was perfect. Also, to date the song by Abigail Rainwater has exactly twice as many views as my sermon! Ha. I love it.