Healed by Faith

Healed by Faith

Over the last several weeks I have been looking at some of the miracles that Jesus performed during his ministry. During this time, one miracle began to stand out to me more than the others. The account is found in Luke 17:11-19. Take some time and read this passage.

So Jesus is traveling and 10 men with leprosy cry out to Him for mercy. Jesus looks at them and tells them to go present themselves to the priest; as they were going they were healed. Only one, a Samaritan, turns back to Jesus and offers gratitude.

Now a couple of observations.

  • Leprosy was a disease that medicine of the time could do nothing about, so there was little hope for healing. According to Levitical law found in Leviticus 13-14 a leper would have to remove themselves from social interactions for 7 days. On the seventh day, the leper would have to present themselves to the priest and if the disease cleared, then they must clean themselves, offer up a sacrifice, and slowly reenter society.

    So when Jesus responds to their cries for help, He is showing them mercy by even talking to them. The passage then says as they were going they were healed; this is faith. We see throughout the Bible during Jesus’s ministry that faith was directly connected to the miracles he performed. The paralytic lowered from the roof, the old woman who touched Jesus’s robe as He passed by, and countless others. So, when these men turned and headed to the priest by faith they believed Jesus would do something, and as they headed that way their bodies were healed.

  • Now I want you to notice something, in verse 15 we see the word “healed” used, and in verse 18 we see the word “well” used. Hold onto your seats because you are about to get some greek from a recreation guy who never studied greek. The word used for healed is Iaomai – this refers to a physical restoration, a cure from an ailment. So we see that the 10 received a physical healing, this is obvious given the context.

    However, the word used for well is Sozo, which is where the Greek word “soteria” comes from that means salvation, deliverance, preservation.

    The implication here is that Jesus has the ability to heal both physically and spiritually.

  • Upon seeing his healing, a Samaritan turns back and praises God as he fell at the feet of Jesus. When the Samaritan realized his leprosy was cured he immediately realized who he was in the presence of and returned praising God. Upon this acknowledgement of who Jesus was we see the “SOZO,” the spiritual healing take place.

With this miracle we see Jesus’s mercy, His ability to heal physical ailments and more importantly to administer salvation. Today what need do you have that requires attention? Remember Christ is able and willing to meet your needs, regardless of what they are, when we acknowledge Him for who He is as the Son of God and place our faith in Him.