We want to equip you to build disciples in your home, community, and across the globe.

We have created discipleship tools to help you grow in your relationship with the Lord and equip you to make disciples. We hope that you will check out a grow class or one of our family discipleship tools!

Equipping for Discipleship

Grow Classes

Grow Classes offer training in a wide variety of topics from financial stewardship to discipleship strategies. These classes are a great way to learn more about Jesus and His application in your everyday life.

Equipping for Marriage

Built 4:2

Scripture teaches that we each have a biblical role in marriage, just like when riding a tandem bicycle, both people have a different but equally important role. The path to a Christ-centered marriage begins with knowing your unique roles as husband and wife.

Equipping for Parents

Home 22:6

As a parent, you are called to be the primary discipler of your children! As your church, we want to equip you to disciple your children and bring them up in the way of the Lord so that, as Proverbs 22:6 says, “when they are grown they will not depart from it!”

Equipping for Adoption & Foster Care

For This Child

For This Child offers support and community for our foster care and adoptive families. Whether you are considering foster care or adoption, or you have already taken children into your home, we want to come alongside you during this journey.