Sunday School

Ages 18-35

Adults Ages 18-35 Classes

9:00 am  |  Room 260
Steve & Debbie Elliott, Jeremy & T’Kaye Thompson
Students In College

This fun, dynamic class focuses on God’s Word and cultivating relationships that help transform students going through college and prepares them for life.

9:00 am  |  Rooms 254-255
Alan & Kim Perkins, Matt & Susan Cashion
Post-College Singles, 35 and younger

“Single Adults Learning Together” – Here you’ll find relevant, Bible-based teaching and you’ll have a lot of opportunities to hang out with others going through the same season of life. It’s a great group of young singles looking to make a difference in Little Rock and the world!

9:00 am  |  Rooms 261-263
Bob & Lisa Beach, Chris & Jennifer Ahne, Paul & Kelsi Harkins
Engaged & Married Couples, 20’s & 30’s, With & Without Children

This Connect Group’s purpose is to gather and encourage those involved to share truth and life in the context of real, authentic relationships. Our hope is that participants will know God in deep intimacy, His Word, and respond/live accordingly. All participants will have the opportunity, if they so desire, to enter in intentional discipleship Life Groups that will meet outside of Sunday mornings at various times.

9:00 am  |  Room 256
Dr. Sam & Kelly Bledsoe, David & Paula Shaffer
Couples 25-35, With or Without Children

This class is centered around God’s Word through observation, interpretation and application! Come join in on the discussion!

9:00 am  |  Room 257
Doug Turner
Couples in mid-30s, With or Without Children

This class welcomes married couples to explore how the Gospel affects our relationships, parenting, careers, and all other aspects of life. Through Bible study, fellowship, and service, this class strives to build a community of encouragement and growth for young adults navigating this stage of marriage and parenthood.

10:15 am  |  Rooms 254-255
John & Sarah Rainwater
Married Couples, mid 30’s

With a strong emphasis on building relationships, this class focuses on finding and pursuing Biblical solutions to everyday issues.

10:15 am  |  Room 257
David & Rachel Rainwater, Scott & Laura Geurin
Couples, 20’s & 30’s, Engaged or Married less than 5 years

This class focuses on Biblical truth, while applying it to our marriages, families and everyday walk with the Lord. Through discussion in class, fellowship outside of class and being intentional to minister to those in need, this ground has an emphasis on establishing the roots of relationships and community. Come and help build this new class! “Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.”


6:00 pm  |  Thursday Nights  |  Osborne House
Caleb & Stephanie Osborne, Dillon & Kristen Hess
Singles & Married, 20’s & 30’s

This connect group is for young adults wanting to immerse themselves in the Word, Christian community, and serving our city. Come connect with other young adults through a discussion-based study of Scripture! For more information, contact