“GO” is an acronym for “Global Outreach.” Immanuel Baptist Church has embraced the Great Commission, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…,”  our mandate from King Jesus compels us to work to see all peoples reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our strategy centers on partnerships. We believe the best way to reach the nations is by partnering with the people who are living and working among the people who need to be reached. We currently have partnerships reaching the lost in North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

Partnering with Disciple Makers around the World.

Our partners in the Amazon are Paulo and Elizete Martins with Mocajuba Baptist Church. During GO trips to the Amazon, our teams work alongside our partners to speak the Word of God to an illiterate, unreached people group called the Quilombola. Our teams go to various communities via motorcycle or walking the jungle trails to share Christ’s love, personal testimonies and the plan of salvation with the people we meet.

STRATEGY LEADERS  |  Cindy Signaigo & Paul Harkins

2018 GO TRIPS  |  May 1-9  |  November 6-14  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  February 17  |  April 21  |  July 21  |  October 27

Immanuel partners with Fred and Joana Deegbe in Accra, Ghana to help Calvary Baptist Church in Accra be a sending church and start new church plants in the area. Through this partnership, our teams train Christ-followers in their church to go and make disciples in Ghana and other countries in Africa. Our teams also work alongside our partners to meet medical needs, share the Gospel and distribute Scripture in the local language.

STRATEGY LEADERS  |  Steve Thomas & Debbie Woosley

2018 GO TRIPS  |  February 8-16  |  June 21-29  |  September 19-28  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  February 4  |  April 8  |  July 8  |  October 7

Our partners in East Asia spread the Gospel of Christ in a highly trafficked tourism destination. These workers along with teams from several other countries distribute Bibles in the local language to thousands of people who have no other access to the Gospel. The tourists who receive these Bibles take them back to every province in their home country.

STRATEGY LEADER  |  Butch Reeves

2018 GO TRIP  |  June 1-9  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  March 4  |  July 22  |  September 22  |  November 18

Immanuel partners with Nelson and Elena Ortiz and First Baptist Church in Asuncion, Paraguay, by hosting eyeglass clinics, making home visits, sharing the Gospel through door-to-door evangelism, hosting a Vacation Bible School for children, as well as other community service projects. The goal is to engage communities with practical needs, start small group Bible studies that will eventually turn into home churches, multiply leaders to plant more home churches and reach more Paraguayans around the Asuncion region.

STRATEGY LEADERS  |  Libby Bunch & Ed Hicks

2018 GO TRIPS  |  July 13-21  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  February 11  |  April 8  |  July 8  |  October 7

GO Teams in Peru partner with Oasis de Christo Church to meet needs, make disciples, and start new churches in the lower-income areas of Lima. Immanuel GO Teams also host medical clinics, healthy living clinics, community outreach programs and home Bible studies.

STRATEGY LEADERS  |  Pat & Brenda Hamilton

2018 GO TRIP  |  October 12-20  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  February 18  |  May 6  |  September 30  |  November 25

Our partners in Southeast Asia engage with college students and young adults in conversations about eternal issues. The goal is to share the Gospel broadly with many people, invite them to learn more at an “English corner” discussion group, and then start a new Bible study on five different university campuses, which will eventually serve as the basis for five new churches in the city. Our partners also engage with small business owners and entrepreneurs in seminar on topics ranging from time management to sales. The goal is for attendees to find value in the seminar and then to set follow-up appointments that lead to conversations about eternal issues.

STRATEGY LEADER  |  Steve Elliott

2018 GO TRIP  |  November 1-9  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  March 4  |  June 10  |  August 5  |  October 28

Immanuel partners with Daniel & Kari McGhee and Connection NYC Church as they serve in one of the world’s most diverse and ever-changing neighborhoods, Astoria, Queens, New York. Our Immanuel GO teams assist them in serving their community through practical, hands-on projects.

STRATEGY LEADER  |  Allison Smith

2018 GO TRIPS  |  March 24-31  |  October 26 – November 1  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  March 4  |  June 10  |  August 5  |  October 21

Foreign Service Fellowship (FSF) is a ministry that engages dignitaries and diplomats from all over the world who attend the United Nations in New York City. Immanuel partner and FSF President Ken Welborn provides a non-political, enjoyable and effective environment for building personal relationships with Kingdom purpose. In the Foreign Service Fellowship office, Ken leads Bible studies and teaching for UN ambassadors, followed by discussion, dialogue and opportunities to plant the seeds of the Gospel. The desire is not just to make one disciple here, but that the members of the United Nations would carry the message back to their homelands to impact all the nations of the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

STRATEGY LEADER  |  John Riggins

2018 GO TRIP  |  December 9-13  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  March 11  |  June 10  |  August 12  |  November 11

Immanuel partners with church planter Jim Britts and Parkside Church in Oceanside, California. Immanuel GO teams participate in various ministry opportunities to engage families through community events, share the Gospel through personal conversations and connect families to Parkside Church. Most recently, our team has assisted with their Kids Unleashed Camp, which provides the Gospel message through a week of activities and classes for children in kindergarten to 5th grade. Parkside’s mission is to reach their community, the west and the world one child and one family at a time. Through GO teams, GO interns and GO funds, the past two years over 2,000 kids have attended a Kids Unleashed event and heard the Gospel. At least 75 kids and 15 adults have made decisions to follow Christ, and at least 18 new families have joined Parkside due to Kids Unleashed efforts.

STRATEGY LEADER  |  Matt Hubbard

2018 GO TRIP  |  July 14-21  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  March 4  |  June 3  |  October 7  |  December 2

Immanuel partners with Matt & Arrica Hess and Fellowship Pickering, located in a neighborhood community in Toronto, Canada. Our GO teams participate in community sporting events, conduct home surveys and host giveaway parties, all in an attempt to get to know local residents, share the Gospel message and introduce them to Matt and his leadership team. Matt’s desire is for Fellowship Pickering to be a church that will start many other churches in the Greater Toronto Area.

STRATEGY LEADERS  |  Ken Shew & Laura Bauer

2018 GO TRIP  |  August 4-11  |  REGISTER HERE

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  January 21  |  April 8  |  June 3  |  October 21

In order to reach more areas of our city, Immanuel partners with Pastor Neal Scoggins and the City of Refuge Church in assisting with community outreach events, facility management, and leadership development. The City of Refuge Church is located in the Brookwood neighborhood of Southwest Little Rock, and is working to engage families with the church through community events, unique forms of worship, and discipleship through small group classes.

STRATEGY LEADER  |  Robert Fletcher

2018 GO TRIP  |  Impact LR  |  Saturday, April 7

PRAYER NIGHTS (Wind Tunnels)  |  January 21  |  April 2  |  July 29  |  November 4