Student Events

Family Night

Wednesday, December 5

Meal: 6:00-6:30 pm | Worship: 6:30-7:30 pm

All students, parents & volunteers invited!


DNOW (Disciple Now) 2019  |  January 18-20

Speaker: Pastor Edwin Colon  |  Worship: We The Union

DNOW is one of the largest events that our student ministry does. The purpose of DNOW is to provide students an opportunity to engage their lost peers while growing deeper in God’s Word and with other believers.

Price Tier: Now-Dec. 7: $55 | Dec. 8-25: $70 | Dec. 26-Jan. 11: $85 | Click here to register!

Kid’s Club

Outreach at Terry Elementary

Tuesday Nights  |  5:30-7:00 pm

Join us to hang out with kids and families playing games, eating dinner & sharing God’s Word.

HS Sermon Series

Wednesday Night Sermon Series

HS DGroups

Sunday Nights

6-7 pm  |  Various Locations

MS Sunday Nights

6-7 pm every Sunday Night

The girls are going through “Storying Through the Gospels” led by Emma Seay. They will focus on learning how to “story” or re-teach different passages from the four synoptic Gospels. Not only will we spend the first half of the hour diving into the passage, but the second half of the hour will also be spent learning how to reteach it in order to encourage evangelism and discipleship!

Ross leads the boys through a study by Matt Chandler called “Psalms 119” learning the value of God’s Word.