Sunday School

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Parents of Pre-Schoolers

9:00 am  |  Room 247-248
Doug Turner
Parents of Pre-Schoolers
9:00 am  |  Rooms 254-255
Sam Bledsoe
Parents of Pre-Schoolers
10:30  |  Room 242-243
Scott Guerin
Parents of Pre-Schoolers/Young Adult

Parents of Kids

9:00 am  |  Room 257
Chris & Allison Davis
Couples, mid to late 30’s, with children

The Davis’s desire is to create a covenant community who intentionally commit to doing life together, studying God’s Word together and living a missional lifestyle in an effort to impact our homes, our city and beyond.

10:30 am  |  Room 254-255
John Rainwater
Parents of Kids

Parents of Students

9:00 am  |  Room 249-250
Guy & Cara Wade
Couples, mid 30s to 54, with children

Led in their study by Guy Wade, class members meet on Sundays to discuss God’s Word and what it says about relevant issues. They also meet outside class for a variety of fellowships that encourage fun and build relationships.

9:00 am  |  Room 256
Mark & Dawn Conine
Couples, 35-45, with young children

A lecture and discussion format is used to guide the class in Bible study, while fellowships offer opportunities for members to build relationships with each other. The class also participates in community service projects.

10:30 am  |  Room 249-250
Toni Thrash
Couples, mid 30’s to mid 40’s, with children

Traditional Bible study based on Sunday School literature mixed with the occasional topical approach. Leaders offer a lecture style format that encourages questions and discussion.

10:30 am  |  Room 259-260
Brooks Harrington
Couples, Young or No Children

Through active discussion and creative visuals, this class is centered around Scripture and prayer as they build a community and walk through life together.