Sunday School

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Legacy Classes

9:00 am |  Room 266
Michael Lindas
9:00 am |  Room 244-245
Greg Furr
10:30 am  |  Room G101
David Moore
Couples, 60s & 70s

In-depth study of God’s Word and application of His teachings are the priorities in this class, where members support each other with prayer and enjoy a warm atmosphere on Sunday mornings, at fellowships and during ministry activities.

9:00 am |  Room 204
Barbara Bowman
9:00 am |  Room 151
Mike Casanova
9:00 am |  Room 240-241
Alan Winkler
9:00 am |  Room 251
Steve Jenkins
9:00 am |  Room 165
Gary Glasgow
9:00 am |  Room 261-263
Mark Miller
10:30 am  |  Horne Hall
Beth Coulson
60’s & 70’s, Singles & Couples

This class is a very large, eclectic group of adults who come together every Sunday to hear an in-depth Bible lesson along with practical applications.

10:30 am  |  Rooms 161-162
Dave Woodman
Couples, 50+

This discussion-based class combines conversation, lecture and participation.

10:30 am  |  Rooms 169-170
Anita Donnell
70’s & 80’s, Singles & Couples

Having all been through difficult experiences, members of this class know how to reach out to others who are hurting. They worship and pray together, caring for classmates and others in need. Three of the five retired pastors in the group share teaching responsibilities with a class leader.

9:00 am |  Room 238-239
Steve Greer
9:00 am |  Room 244-245
Patty Snipes
10:30 am  |  Room 142
Sadie Lemaire
Couples in their 70’s

This diverse, fun-loving class, representing a variety of backgrounds and work experience, strives to learn God’s Word and be a cornerstone of faith.

10:30 am  |  Rooms 157-158
Liz Reeves
Women, 70’s & 80’s

Named for the promise that Christians are “saved by grace through faith,” this class gathers each week to study God’s Word and ministers to each other as needs arise. Members enjoy small-group gatherings, as well as a monthly class luncheon.

10:30 am |  Room 240-241
Jana McKnight
Legacy Women
10:30 am |  Room 246
Jane Gulley
Legacy Women
10:30 am  |  Rooms 159-160
Wanda Bishop
Women in their 70’s

These ladies are serious about Bible study and committing to pray for each other. They enjoy fellowship too, planning at least four luncheons a year, and stay connected through an e-mail newsletter circulated every Sunday afternoon.

10:30 am |  Room 163-164
Gary Johnson
Legacy Men
10:30 am  |  Rooms 153
Mike Sanders
Men, 65+

Joshua exemplifies how to live a victorious Christian life. He walked through the battlefields of the Old Testament as a godly man. Though he certainly made mistakes, God developed courageous leadership in his life that enabled him to fight and conquer daunting enemy armies. Joshua’s life demonstrates how men in any age can become courageous leaders strengthened by the Lord.

10:30 am |  Room 154
George Smith
Legacy Men
10:30 am  |  Room 151 
Jack Blackshear
Men in their 80’s

This group is led through a class discussion format as we study the Bible and grow in knowledge of the Gospel.

10:30 am  |  Room 152
John Hester
Men in their 70’s

Members of this group started studying the Bible together when they were young and claim a special brotherhood in Christ. Leaders take turns teaching, each bringing a unique perspective on the Word.

10:30 am  |  Room 155-156
Linda Jordan
Women in their 70’s

This group of ladies enjoys studying the Bible verse-by-verse and building friendships between members. Occasional luncheons keep them connected outside of class. 

Wednesdays 5:45 pm  |  Fireside Foyer
Beverly Ruthven
Legacy Women
Sunday’s 9:00-9:30 am  |  Phone
Linda Jordan