Sunday, October 22 was a great day celebrating our 125th anniversary! As we enter into our 125th year, it was so fun to look back at the beautiful story that God has written for Immanuel, and it gives us a sense of urgency to reach people for the Lord and continue to leave behind the same beautiful legacy.

God has blessed Immanuel. The realization of God’s blessings on Immanuel makes us ask why. Why has God been so good to us? The answer is found in Psalm 67:1-2. The psalmist writes,

May God be gracious to us and bless us
and make his face to shine upon us,
that your way may be known on earth,
your saving power among all nations.

In sum, God blesses us so that we might bless others. God has been good to us so that we will act like a conduit for the Gospel; that the mercy and grace given to us would flow through us and to others.

And now we have a moment. This moment. The moment you are reading this is the most important moment in the life of our church because it’s all we have. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is hope. How we steward this moment makes the difference.

There are billions in the world without the Gospel. In this moment, we ask God’s blessings specifically so that God’s saving power will be known “among all the nations;” to make reality the vision to see all people come to know Jesus as Lord to the glory of God the father.

-Dr. Steven W. Smith

We were blown away by the support and encouragement from friends around the country to our Immanuel family. Franklin Graham, Dr. Charles Stanley, Mike Huckabee, Dr. Steve Gaines and Dr. Jack Graham all celebrate our milestone of 125 years in ministerial service to the Lord while praying for us in our next 125 years until Jesus returns. Immanuel has been a light for the Gospel around the world seeing thousands come to Christ and raising up Christian leaders that are called into ministry. Our hope and prayer is that we continue to stand on the truth of God’s Word while our greatest days are still ahead. The world is watching as the celebration of our past is affirmation for our future that we will deepen our commitment to be an evangelistic powerhouse as fishers of men fulfilling the Great Commission.

Immanuel has always been blessed with incredible pastoral leadership that remain friends and family even when they are called elsewhere. Dr. Rex Horne and Pastor Gary Hollingsworth sent us congratulations on our 125th year and gratitude to be a part of the Immanuel family. We are thankful for them and the chapters that they helped write in the book and legacy of Immanuel. Immanuel is a church that never falters on our stance on the Word of God and our heart for evangelism and missions getting the Gospel to our own Jerusalem here in Little Rock and spreading it around the world. As they encouraged us with their love for the Immanuel family we reciprocate that love to our former pastors, always.

125 years as a church is a major God story! God has been faithful to Immanuel and Immanuel members have been faithful to follow God’s call on their own lives and on the church as a whole. In order to tell this story we brought in several of our members that range in age, demographic, background, etc. We want to honor the legacy that the Lord has entrusted to us and continue to seek Him as He guides us into the next 125 years. The story that God has written for us is truly a beautiful and awe-inspiring one; we have had pastors that are known around the world, we’ve raised up young men and women that have gone into ministry service themselves, generations have grown up here and been impacted, Sunday School leaders have left legacies that continue today, missionaries have shaped the DNA of Immanuel while impacting the world for the Gospel, discipleship has taken place in workplaces, down the street and around the world. It is our duty and our honor to join together as a church family and continue to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Listen to the message from Dr. Smith for our 125 Anniversary Celebration!

Enjoy the complete service from our 125 Anniversary Celebration!