Your Summer, Your Circle!


Much like Jesus did in the Gospel of John, we’ve spent a lot of time going deeper in the word this year. We started the year with prayer and fasting, we focused on Christ during Holy Week, and our Midweek Bible Study urged us to think biblically about a variety of topics.
But like Jesus in John 21, we’re called to go wider—to expand our circle. The way we intend to do that this summer is by utilizing Wednesday nights. From the end of Midweek on May 25 to when we start back in the fall, there are 13 Wednesdays nights—about 26 hours. We want to encourage you to take those 26 hours to go wider, not deeper.
As you step into summer as a family, ask yourself these questions:
  • How can God use me to expand our influence around the church?
  • How can you use me to expand my influence around my community and family?
We’ve provided the list above of things to help get you thinking about where to begin. This is not exhaustive, but it’s a start! Take this list and ask your family where you can begin. It’s not a checklist, but it is an invitation to widen your circle.
We’re excited about what God is doing in our church family. From Preschool all the way to Legacy, we’re widening our circle this summer—will you join us?

Equipping and registration Links you can use
to widen your circles.