I give periodic gifts through PushPay.

If you use the Pushpay app, you can delete it from your mobile device and by clicking on the link below you can give one-time gifts or setup reoccurring giving in Subsplash.

I have a recurring gift through PushPay.

First, cancel your current recurring gift in the Pushpay platform using the steps below.

1. Sign in to Pushpay.

2. Once you are on your PushPay home screen click in the “Recurring Gifts” section on the right.

3. Click the “Edit” button beside your reoccurring gift .

4. On the right side you will see “Reoccurring Payments” click “View”, you will see your reoccurring gift at the top of the page, click “Cancel” and then “Yes” to confirm you want to cancel.

5. To delete your payment information, click on “Payment Methods” to the left.

6. Click you method of payment and then “Delete” and then “Yes” and then “Update”.

All Done!

Now that your Pushpay recurring gift is canceled you can setup a new recurring gift through Subsplash.

When you are setting up your recurring gift your first donation will process on the day you set up your profile if  a date is not selected. You may select the date you would like to have your recurring gift start by entering the amount of your gift and then clicking below your choice of “One-Time, Weekly, Monthly. etc. A calendar will appear and allow you to select a date.

I give with cash and/or check.

The switch to the Subsplash platform will not impact the way you currently give to IBCLR. If you would like to begin giving online, you can click on the “Set Up SubSplash” button above.

I want to start giving online.

Thanks for taking this next step in faith! You can give one-time or setup recurring gifts through the “Set Up Subsplash” button above or through your mobile device via the IBCLR app.

Still need help?

Whether you get stuck in the process of switching to Subsplash Giving or just have questions about the new giving platform we would love to help.  Please feel free to contact Laurel Brown in the finance office at 501-396-3382 or email her at laurel@ibclr.org