Journeying Through Life As One

Scripture teaches that we each have a biblical role in marriage, just like when riding a tandem bicycle, both people have a different but equally important role. The path to a Christ-centered marriage begins with knowing your unique roles as husband and wife. Built 4:2 is designed to help you focus on 5 key areas of marriage:

  • Dedication to your spouse & to Christ

  • Blessing your spouse

  • God-centered time with your spouse

  • Community

  • As You Go

Built 4:2 Grow Class

Our Built 4:2 Grow Class is a 6 week class that is offered once or twice a year.
Check our Grow Classes page to see if we are currently offering this class.

Check out our Resource Center!

Our Resource Center at the North Entrance is full of great resources for marriage and parenting! We have excellent books on marriage as well as pamphlets on a variety of topical issues.