Where is God Calling YOU to GO in 2020?

Over the past several years, the Immanuel family has commissioned over 1,200 people to serve on over 132 different GO Teams spanning every corner of the globe. Through the support and onsite ministry of those teams, the Immanuel family has served more than 120,000 people and shared the Gospel with more than 36,000. Throughout that time, more than 5,406 have come to faith in Jesus Christ! Over 60,729 copies of God’s Word, each in the host language, have been personally delivered across dozens of countries into the hands of many who have never even heard the name of Jesus.

This year, we have designed a multitude of opportunities for you and your family to jump in and begin investing personally into the spiritual eternity of the people of our world. Prayerfully consider the following trips and find where God is calling you to go in 2020!

Strategy Leaders

Strategy Leaders are men and women equipped to be a liaison between a Go Partner and Immanuel Baptist Church.

GO Trip Update – the following GO Trips have been cancelled:

  • NYC (April)
  • Macau (June)
  • Brazil (June)
  • Mission Arlington (June) *Students
  • Paraguay (July) *Students
  • NYC (July) *Students

We are prayerful and hopeful that in the fall we will be able to continue our already scheduled GO trips with the possibility of adding a few relief and recovery efforts as well. We are working with kids, students, and young adults ministry staff on some alternative ideas to serving the city once restrictions are lessened.

Strategy Leader: Brenda Hamilton

Make Gospel In-Roads through Refugees

Travel to one of the greatest melting pots of culture on the entire Asian continent. Lock arms with local field workers who are making in-roads with the Gospel through medical screenings and Bible storytelling in high-density, multi-housing units made up primarily of South Asian refugees.

Estimated Cost is $3,400 (before scholarship)  |  Deadline for registration is May 5.

Strategy Leaders: Steve Thomas & Debbie Woosley

Transform African Communities One Story at a Time

Experience authentic African community life by traveling to Accra, Ghana, and sharing hope with those living in the urban, suburban, and rural areas by meeting medical needs, sharing stories, training leaders, and distributing Scripture in the local language.

Estimated Cost is $2,750 (before scholarship)  |  Deadline for registration is June 28.

Strategy Leaders: Steve Elliott & Mark Carter

Transform Emptiness into Abundance by Making Friends

Make friends and share hope with students and young adults in this city of 10 million where the Gospel access is severely restricted. Enjoy the city, ride a motorbike, and share your story over coffee with new friends…all while playing a part in starting new Bible groups across the city.

Estimated Cost is $2,400 (before scholarship)  |  Deadline for registration is July 12.

Strategy Leaders: David & Paula Shaffer

Connect with Families in one of America’s Most Beautiful Cities

Develop friendships and serve families in beautiful Oceanside through hosting neighborhood events, sports camps, and block parties alongside Immanuel partner Jim Britts and Parkside Church. Visit Parkside’s website here.

Estimated Cost is $1,200 (before scholarship)  |  Deadline for registration is August 2.

Strategy Leader: Brenda Hamilton

Break Spiritual Poverty Cycles by Sharing Your Story

Serve alongside Oasis de Christo Church in Lima’s low-income housing areas through Gospel conversations and teaching discipleship classes. Also needed are medical professionals to work with a local hospital, see patients, and share their story through evangelism.

Estimated Cost is $2,600 (before scholarship)  |  Deadline for registration is August 2.

Strategy Leaders: Allison Smith & Ginger Wade

Reach the Nations by Serving the World’s Most Diverse Neighborhoods

Spend a week in The Big Apple serving, sharing, and bringing hope alongside Immanuel’s partner Connection NYC in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world: Astoria in Queens. Join us as we help our partners promote, prepare and perform a community outreach event that touches over two thousand people!

Estimated Cost is $1,000 (before scholarship)  |  Deadline for registration is August 16.

Strategy Leaders: Cindy Signaigo & Paul Harkins

Take the Word of God to an Unreached People Group

Join Mocajuba Baptists in the interior of the Amazon to share in their passion to reach the Quilombolas for Christ. We will travel to various communities going house to house using a Bible storytelling strategy to share with those who have never heard.

Estimated Cost is $2,200 (before scholarship)  |  Deadline for registration is August 30.

Strategy Leader: John Riggins

Unite Nations in Christ One Ambassador at a Time

Join Immanuel partner Ken Welborn, Executive Director of Foreign Service Fellowship, in preparation for the Ambassador Christmas Luncheon in the midst of the holiday season. This team will assist in administrative work and facility preparation, as well as serving as table hosts alongside diplomats and ambassadors at the luncheon.

Estimated Cost is $1,800 (before scholarship)  |  Deadline for registration is September 27.