Kingdom Advancing Gospel Church

For the Gospel

The Message of the Gospel

To be for the Gospel is to understand that we have one message of hope for the world and that hope is found in Jesus. This message is revealed in the perfect word of God. The word is the means by which we know Jesus, and Jesus is the means by which we know God the Father. We are not presenting a message, but re-presenting what God has said in His perfect word.

The Mission of the Gospel

We are leading people to worship, connect, grow, and go. In essence, we are seeking that people moved by God will move together. To move from being an attender to a member, then from a member to in a group, then from a group to going and serving.

For the City

To be for the city means that we care for Little Rock. We want her to thrive in every possible way, knowing that the greatest gift we can give to this city is a strong local church. A church that knows this city and is fighting for her welfare.

For the World

We are seeking Kingdom Advance around the world. This means through our partnerships with other churches, and our partnership with church planting movements, we are seeking to take the Gospel to dark places and hard places.

Our History

Immanuel Baptist Church has a long and rich history of serving our community and proclaiming the name of Jesus. When founded in 1892, Immanuel was named Third Baptist Church, but on October 16 of the same year, the members agreed to change the name to Immanuel Baptist Church, signifying “God with us.” Through the years, Immanuel has been blessed with outstanding pastoral leadership including Rev. J.B. English, Dr. W. O. Vaught Jr., Dr. Rex M. Horne Jr., Dr. Gary Hollingsworth, and our current pastor, Dr. Steven W. Smith. Immanuel began with only 17 charter members in a small church on Jones Street. Over the years, Immanuel grew with many building changes and renovations at the Bishop location in downtown Little Rock. In 2001, members voted to relocate our church to its present location on Shackleford Road and the first service on the new campus was held December 14, 2003. Immanuel has been a part of many ministries in Little Rock to reach our city including our current partnership with City of Refuge and our Food Pantry. Missions is in the DNA of Immanuel, which is why we have partnerships all around the world as well as a program that sends our own members to the mission field. In 2015, the church voted to purchase a former Kroger grocery store next to our current campus with hopes to create more ministry opportunities to reach our city. God has blessed Immanuel so that we might bless others. God has been good to us so that we will act like a conduit for the Gospel; that the mercy and grace given to us would flow through us and to others. There are billions in the world without the Gospel. We ask God’s blessings specifically so that God’s saving power will be known “among all the nations;” to make reality the vision to see all people come to know Jesus as Lord to the glory of God the father.