San Diego
This past June, we mobilized our first student GO team since 2019. We served alongside our GO partner Jim Britts and Parkside Church to do a variation of Kids Unleashed Camp, prayer walk strategic areas, and engage families in Discovery Bible Studies. One of the people we met during that week was Hector. 
Hector begrudgingly dropped off his son at Kids Unleashed one morning. His ex-partner signed up his son to learn about one of the tracks we offered. As he dropped his son off, he was asked if he wanted to get a free soccer ball to give his son that night. If so, all he had to do was come by the ‘blue tent,’ and we would teach him the most incredible story in history and get a soccer ball. 
Hector took us up on the challenge. We proceeded to share the story of Jesus with him so that he could retell it to his son… birth, life, death, and resurrection. We then asked him if there was a character in the story whom he resonated with. He said, “me,… I’m the one that needs that salvation.” We then prayed with him to receive Christ, exchanged phone numbers, and challenged him to tell that story to his son that night. Oh… and he got the soccer ball. 
Later that night, Jim receives a call from Hector. He is so excited! He shared the story with his son, and his son gave his life to Christ as well. Hector returns the next day with a new passion and reason for living. Jim and Hector set a time to meet weekly to learn how to grow and how to lead a Discovery Bible Study with his family.