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Suppose we truly want to see our city transformed and, ultimately, our world. In that case, we must take theGospel, in word and deed, to all people—the familiar and unfamiliar, mainstream and marginalized, disengagedand unengaged. If we are going to engage both those in regular proximity to us and those in our city, we mustbe intentional. We must plan it, prepare for it, and strategically create times to saturate our city in prayer andthe presence of believers. We have to put in the time, work at it, and work at it together! This will require thegiving of ourselves and the loving of others in our city as we engage our area in the city.

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in the city

Immanuel and the City Center hosts strategic events with those in our city to meet significant physical and spiritual needs, establish healthy, restorative relationships, identify lost people, equip believers to share the Gospel, mobilize believers to the lost, engage the lost with the Gospel, and connect new believers to a disciple and small group


We have identified locations within close proximity to Immanuel (1-3 mile radius). Adult and family groups are challenged to mobilize their members into these areas, commit to and execute the following plan, and see transformation happen in this part of the city.
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Immanuel and the City Center partner with organizations that strategically seek the welfare and transformation of the city. For the City partnerships are established and evaluated based on an alignment to our GO philosophy's strategic commitments.
FTC Partnership Overview 
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city center

The City Center is a ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church for the city. Our purpose is to establish environments that foster healthy, restorative relationships and opportunities to mobilize people to change their world.
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