Immanuel partners with Mocajuba Baptist Church in the Amazon River Basin of Brazil to reach the unreached Quilombola people group. From boats to motorbikes to over-saturated trails, indigenous jungle dwellers are exposed to the Gospel like never before, with many hearing for the first time. The goal in this partnership is to share the Gospel through a Bible storytelling strategy with those who have never heard and plant churches that will expand the Gospel’s reach deeper into the jungle.
The Quilombola people live deep in the jungle tributaries of the Amazon River Basin. Due to their remote jungle home, access to the Gospel and biblical community is difficult or non-existent. This people group that is indigenous only to Brazil have less than 1% who are considered to be evangelical believers.

Strategy Leaders:

Cindy Signaigo
(501) 920-0553

Paul Harkins
(501) 658-8647


Through the life of this partnership, Immanuel has mobilized 98 of our own through 13 different GO Teams. Through these GO efforts, we have served 493 people; 2,986 have heard the Gospel with 51 professions of faith. We’ve also helped construct a church that will impact and reach several communities.


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