God is working amongst the Quilombola people. On our last trip, in June 2022, we saw the baptism of 11 new believers and two new professions of faith. One of these was a young girl around seven years old. She had followed around one of the team members as they went house-to-house, sharing the story about the healing of blind Bartimaeus. She heard this story and discussed it numerous times over several days. Somewhere through all of this, the Lord spoke to her. At the end of the Sunday evening church service, she almost sprinted down the aisle to talk to Pastor Paulo. Coincidentally, she is the first believer in her family, so this will open the door for Paulo to have more conversations with her parents.

When our teams started going in 2014, they could only access one community. Community access has steadily grown over the years, and this trip saw us reaching into a 6th community (Santa Lucia). It was encouraging to see their openness and excitement to God's Word. A lady from this community came to Paulo the day after we left, wanting to know how she could have Jesus as her Lord & Savior.
Having a centrally located, the physical church has allowed Paulo & his wife, Elizette, to have set Bible study groups/times, regular Worship Services, kids' activities, and a place that can help meet the needs of people in these communities. Discipleship and the ability to increase their biblical knowledge/understanding has been one of our longstanding prayer requests. This is now happening with Paulo & Elizette having more time to spend in the communities after our church agreed to support him as a local missionary for the next two years.

Continue to pray for the hearts of these people to be open & receptive to the Gospel. Pray for wisdom, discernment, stamina, & organizational abilities as Paulo continues to transition to a full-time pastor and meet all the demands that come with it. Pray for the discipleship of these new believers and that they'll be confident in sharing their testimony & the Gospel with others.