Immanuel partners with pastor Fred Deegbe and Calvary Baptist Church in Accra, Ghana. Our partner has planted 20+ churches throughout Ghana over the last 25 years. We assist them through meeting medical needs, sharing stories, training leaders, and distributing scripture as they seek to make Christ known among the Akan(Twi), Ewe, and Ga speaking people in the urban, suburban, and rural areas. Calvary is on the cusp of being the one of the first truly sending churches in West Africa.

Through the life of this partnership, Immanuel has mobilized 120 of our own through 15 different GO Teams and GO Internships. Through these GO efforts we have served 3,169 people with 5,831 hearing the Gospel and 594 praying to receive Christ. An additional 2,102 locals have been trained in evangelism, disciple-making, and cross-cultural missions. 480 Bibles have also been distributed.

Accra is the capital city of Ghana, one of the most stable and respected nations in all of West Africa. The metro area has a population exceeding 2 million. There is no shortage of churches in Accra, but there is a void of true Gospel witness and discipleship. Most churches tout prosperity Gospel theology that has left many in the urban areas dependent on charismatic leader rather than Jesus. In the northern regions of Ghana that border the Sahara, there is a race between Christianity and Islam that has sparked a church planting movement. In these remote villages, the first one to get there, Christian or Muslim, typically wins not just a person to Christ, but the entire village.