Policies and Procedures

Updated policies and procedures were adopted in January, 2024, and are now being implemented. You can read them here (hyperlink).  Here are some key updates within the policies.
a. Volunteer Screening - All volunteers are required to complete an online application, background check, hiring interview, social media review, and training in our policies and procedures.
b. Mandatory Volunteer Training - All volunteers will be trained on our updated policies.
c. Ongoing Policy Review and Updates - All policies and procedures will be reviewed annually, or more often as needed, by the Caring Well Team to make any needed changes to ensure that our policies stay relevant and current to our environment.
d. Security Cameras - 
Security Cameras (video only) will be installed in all kids and preschool classrooms for added visibility and security.
e. Incident Review and Response- 
Any violation of IBC ministry policies and procedures will be submitted to and reviewed by the Caring Well Team for proper response.
f. Staff Training - All Staff have been trained on Caring Well policy and procedure and will be trained on reporting requirements of the Arkansas Mandated Reporter Laws.

Policies & Procedures and the Caring well initiative

Immanuel is implementing the caring well initiative. The caring well initiative is an eight-step journey designed to
help churches prevent abuse and care for abuse survivors. Our policies and procedures for child safety on our campus will
not only help in the prevention of abuse but will also create a safe environment for kids and volunteers.

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