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Immanuel partners with company personnel in this strategic city in Southeast Asia to engage college students and young adults in conversations about eternal issues. The goal in the partnership is to share the Gospel broadly with many people, invite them to learn more at an “English corner” discussion group, and then start a new Bible study on five different university campuses which will eventually serve as the basis for five new churches in the city. Our partner strives to move people through a “6C Model” in this densely populated region of the world: Crowd—>Curious—>Committed—>Community—>Core—>Catalyst.
This city is the largest city (10 million) in this Southeast Asian country. This country has a Communist governing body that regulates all religious activity throughout. Due to significant regulations and restrictions imposed on the Church, many consider this a ‘closed’ country. The nation as a whole has become a melting pot of religions, including Buddhism, Catholicism, Cao Dai, Islam, and Protestantism. Syncretism abounds in this country, so giving a single identification for religion is problematic. Estimates are as high as 98% of this country’s inhabitants actively practice ancestor worship regardless of the structured religion professed. In this city, every 10 minutes, someone moves into eternity with no relationship with Christ.
Strategy Leader(s)
Steve Elliott
(501) 951-6793

Jordan Boehmer
(479) 215-9928


Through the life of this partnership, Immanuel has mobilized 59 of our own through 7 different GO Teams and GO Internships. Through these GO efforts we have served 150 people with 743 hearing the Gospel and 12 praying to receive Christ. 151 Bibles have also been distributed.


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